Battletoads Brawler Set
Image: Premium Collectibles Studio

Do you have a bunch of money burning a hole in your pocket and an intense love of all things Battletoads?

Well then, you probably should know about these ridiculously cool Battletoads statues from Premium Collectibles Studio that were recently spotted online by the legendary ex-Rare artist Kev Bayless (who designed the original characters).

The highly-detailed statues come officially licensed from Microsoft and feature the three mutant toads Zitz, Pimple, and Rash standing atop bases fashioned after levels from the 1991 NES game (Arctic Caverns, The Turbo Tunnel, and Ragnarok's Canyon respectively). They can be bought separately — for the hefty price of $550-$650 each — or as a complete set for an eye-watering $1800.

As you can tell from this, they aren't exactly cheap, but if you have the money to spare and the shelf space to fill we certainly won't stop you from picking them up.

As Bayless noted, there are also some Killer Instinct statues available on the website too, for roughly a similar price ($650 each). These include three variations each of the cybernetic soldier Fulgore and the humanoid werewolf Sabrewulf, both of which were also designed by Bayless for the 1994 arcade game.

According to the website, the Battletoads statues are being released between October to December of this year, while the Killer Instinct statues have a waitlist available to sign up for.

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