Densha De Go!
Image: Taito

Next year, a large transport museum called Yumenova is opening in the Japanese theme park of Hirosawa City in the Ibaraki prefecture, and among its many attractions looks to be something truly unique: the opportunity to play the 1996 arcade train simulator Densha De Go! on one of its decommissioned trains (thanks @ted90909 for the spot!).

The Densha De Go! series, in case you're unaware, is a collection of simulation games (originally by Taito), which started in the arcades before being ported to countless computers and home consoles. Most of its games feature a specially designed control setup built to replicate the experience of maneuvering a real Japanese train and contain authentic train (and tram) routes that are based on actual Japanese services.

From the picture originally included in the tweets from @ted90909 and the Japanese user @amnet_official, it looks like visitors to the museum will be able to play Densha De Go! and its sequels (Densha De Go! 2 and Densha De Go! 3), while being situated inside the comfort of a real train carriage.

If you're into transport simulators, it seems like the perfect way to experience the game as well as a pretty cool way of incorporating games into a museum experience.

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