Dragon Knight II
Image: Elf Corporation

ELF Corporation's erotic dungeon-crawling JRPG Dragon Knight II has been translated into English, 33 years after it launched exclusively in Japan.

A sequel to the 1989 original, Dragon Knight II places you in the role of Takeru, a warrior who battles a series of girls who have been turned into monsters by a witch – including mummies, werewolves and elves.

Success in battle usually results in the monster girl shedding her clothing, and, when returned to their normal selves, they offer certain 'favours' to the player, which are displayed via a naughty cutscene. Ahem.

The fan translation is focused on the PC-98 version of the game, which launched in 1990. The game would also be released on the MSX2, PC-88 and X68000 home computers in Japan. The only console port was for the PC Engine CD, which censored the rude bits.

The game's direct sequel, Dragon Knight III, would be translated into English as Knights of Xentar by Megatech Software in 1995. Megatech found infamy as one of the first Western companies to license and release Japanese erotic video games ("eroge") outside of Japan.

You can download the translation patch for Dragon Knight II here.

[source romhacking.net]