Densetsu No Stafy
Image: Tose/Nintendo

The Starfy series isn't the best-known franchise that Nintendo has published in the past, with only one of its titles ever making it out to the West in 2008: The Legendary Starfy for Nintendo DS. Nevertheless, that hasn't stopped its main character, the friendly star-shaped prince Starfy, from attaining something of a cult status overseas, motivating fan translators to want to go back through the series and try to localize the Japanese-exclusive titles into English.

This is the case, for instance, with the first game in the series, 2002's Densetsu No Stafy for the Game Boy Advance, which recently got a new complete translation (as spotted by Game Vecanti) earlier this month. The hack is the work of Megahog2015 (graphics), Pablitox (original hacking), Higsby (original translation), EvieMelody (production), and wowjinxy (text graphics & English font), and comes with a selection of three different patches to choose from.

The first patch The Legendary Starfy is referred to as "the main translation" and includes a mixture of officially localized names and fan-made names for the characters. The second, meanwhile, changes the title to The Legendary Starfy Origins to prevent confusion with the later release for the DS. Last but not least, there is one more translation, in which all "characters and settings keep their Japanese original names."

The story of the game sees Starfy accidentally unleashing a villainous eel named Ogura after dropping an important piece of treasure from his castle in the clouds. Taking control of Starfy, it's up to players to travel through several ocean-themed levels on a mission to seal the evil creature and restore peace to the land.

You can download the patches now from

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