Shigeru Miyamoto
Image: Yomiura Telecasting Corp

Nintendo has historically been rather secretive about the development of its games, which has led fans and video game preservationists to jump on any new information they can find to uncover more about the legendary company.

Case in point, earlier this month some rare footage of Nintendo of Japan's HQ in the 1980s emerged online as part of a recent report, causing a ton of excitement among those interested in the history of the Japanese giant (thanks @Area51_zek/VGDensetsu!).

The report in question was uploaded to the Yomiuri Telecasting Corporation YouTube channel on September 16th, 2023, and was put together to celebrate the 40th anniversary of the Nintendo Famicom.

It notably features an interview (in Japanese) with the Famicom creator Masayuki Uemura, footage of various Nintendo employees at work (including a young Shigeru Miyamoto and composer Koji Kondo), and some close-up shots of rare development materials for various Nintendo games, such as early and unused sprites for Super Mario Bros and an illustration of a Gleeok from The Legend of Zelda.

In the video, we also get a glimpse of the old Nintendo work uniforms and see the fairly primitive way in which video game music was shared between different office spaces (with a staff member simply putting a telephone up to the side of a monitor).

You can watch the full video below:

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