Truxton – also known as Tatsujin – is one of Toaplan's most recognisable and beloved shooters. Boasting massive bosses and an iconic 'skull' screen-clearing bomb, it has remained a fan favourite for decades – thanks in no small part to excellent ports on the Genesis and PC Engine, as well as an even better sequel.

Now, Tatsujin (the company formed by ex-Toaplan staff which owns the rights to much of its back catalogue) has announced it is working on Truxton Extreme for PlayStation 5, which will launch worldwide in 2024.

Lock n’ load for the return of the epic shoot em’ up franchise with Truxton Extreme coming to PS5 in 2024! Widely agreed as a masterpiece of the genre, Truxton was developed by Tatsujin CEO Masahiro Yuge, and Truxton Extreme honours the original, developed with the same DNA which made the Truxton name synonymous with quality and one of gaming’s most memorable vertical shooters.

With jaw dropping 3D graphics and non-stop shooting intensity, Truxton Extreme provides white-hot shooter thrills for masters and novices alike. Take down a horde of alien invaders with your Power Shot, Truxton Beam, Thunder Laser and Homing Shot, and remember to breathe as you face off against gigantic bosses in the ultimate battle for the survival of the human race!

"This title bearing our company’s name inherits the DNA of Tatsujin, a brilliant masterpiece in the history of vertical scrolling shooters, which was developed by our CEO, Masahiro Yuge, at the former Toaplan in 1988," says an official statement from Tatsujin.

The game will be playable at the Tokyo Game Show 2023, running from September 21 to 24 at Makuhari Messe in Chiba, Japan. Former Toaplan artist Junya Inoue will also be involved.

The game's trailer has since been taken offline.