Update #2 [Thu 18th May, 2023 12:05 BST]:

M2 has just detailed which console ports we can expect to see as part of its upcoming Zero Fire release.

  • Zero Wing: JP Mega Drive, EU Mega Drive, PC Engine CD
  • Hellfire: JP Mega Drive, Genesis, PC Engine CD
  • Horror Story: PC Engine CD.

These ports will be available as DLC if you purchase the game digitally but will come as standard with the physical version.

Update [Thu 13th Apr, 2023 11:35 BST]: M2 has just revealed the release date for Toaplan Arcade Garage #3: Zero Fire. It launches in Japan on July 20th for PS4 and Nintendo Switch. The pack will also include Horror Story/Demon's World.

Original Story [Fri 10th Feb, 2023 12:45 GMT]: M2 has just announced the next entry in its 'M2 ShotTriggers Toaplan Arcade Garage' series, and it will bundle together two of Toaplan's most believed horizontally-scrolling blasters: Zero Wing and Hellfire.

Hellfire originally hit arcades in 1989 and was ported to the Genesis / Mega Drive and PC Engine CD. It boasts a unique weapon system which allows the player to cycle through various shots that fire in different directions.

Zero Wing is perhaps most famous for spawning the "All Your Base" meme, which is taken from the western Genesis / Mega Drive port. It also hit arcades in 1989 and was also ported to the PC Engine CD, like Hellfire.

The pack – which will be known as Zero Fire – launches this year. No platforms have been revealed at present, but previous packs were released on PS4 and Switch.

Key art for the new release has been created by Yuji Kaida, who did the cover art for Battle Garegga, Daimakamura / Ghouls 'n Ghosts on the Genesis / Mega Drive and many others.

As has been the case with previous Toaplan Arcade Garage releases, a bonus Toaplan title will be included, and M2 is holding a competition to guess the game:

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