Image: Tatsujin / Toaplan

Batsugun – the final game from legendary developer Toaplan – is getting a new version in 2023, it has been revealed.

Batsugun Exa Label is in development for the exA-Arcadia platform and will include new elements "that can be enjoyed by existing fans" as well as offering a faithful port of the original.

Artist Junya Inoue, who acted as the character designer for the original, and composer Keishi Yonao are confirmed to be working on the project. TATSUJIN Co., Ltd, which manages the copyrights of all Toaplan titles, is also on-board.

Originally released in arcades in 1993, Batsugun is often cited by shmup fans as the true origin of the 'bullet hell' genre. Toaplan disbanded shortly after it was released, with its members forming the likes of Cave and Raizing. Batsugun would later be ported to the Sega Saturn.

Comparable in power to a PS4 Pro, the exA-Arcadia arcade standard aims to replicate what SNK did with its Neo Geo, offering a bridge between the arcades and the home. Developed by Eric “ShouTime” Chung, the EXA offers modern games to arcades at an affordable price.

Titles already available on exA-Arcadia include special arcade versions of Samurai Shodown V Perfect, Rival Megagun XE, Blazing Chrome AC and Psyvariar Delta AC.