Space Invaders 45th Anniversary Watch
Image: Premico

The watch manufacturer Seiko is releasing an incredible new watch design to celebrate the 45th anniversary of Taito's Space Invaders (as reported by 4Gamer and spotted by Siliconera).

Originally hitting arcades in 1978, the classic shoot 'em up was an instant success upon its release and has gone on to become one of the most influential video games of all time. So, if you're a fan of the game and happen to like your video game merch on the more exclusive (and expensive) side, you'll probably want to check out this brand-new watch, which is available now to pre-order from the website Premico.

It features a stainless steel band, details on the face depicting the player's ship and the various alien designs, and a stylish box that contains a representation of the original arcade game.

There are three sizes currently available from Premico's store page: S (14 cm), M (16 cm), and L (18 cm). It will cost ¥54,780 yen (roughly $375/£297/€347) and will be limited to 1,978 units worldwide. So, in other words, you will have to act fast! Orders are expected to ship in January 2024.

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