Image: Atari

Atari is reissuing the 1978 port of its arcade game Outlaw on the 2600, complete with brand-new cover artwork by Brazilian pop culture artist and graphic designer Butcher Billy.

The VCS / 2600 port was handled by the legendary David Crane and added in a two-player mode where you could indulge in a Wild West shoot-out with a friend (the 1976 coin-op was a solo affair).

The release – which is part of Atari's 'Silver Box' limited edition range – is perfectly timed; Atari is about to release an updated version of its 2600 console, which comes with HDMI support and other modern-day features.

Here's some PR:

Based on the 1976 Atari arcade game of the same name, Outlaw is an exciting game for one or two players set in the wild west. While the original arcade game only allowed for a single gunslinger, the Atari 2600 version released in 1978 gives you the option to play alone, where you can practice your aim against moving targets, or against another gunslinger in a contest to see who can first score ten hits against the other player.

Containing 16 different game variations, Outlaw is certain to keep you entertained for hours as you hone your sharpshooting skills! You'll need a steady hand and a quick draw to outlast your opponent. Good look, pardner!

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