Rescue Force Is A Metal Gear Clone That Comes With A Bizarre Custer's Revenge Remake 1
Image: Pacnsac Games

Indie developer Pacnsac Games has launched a Kickstarter campaign for a new NES game which takes plenty of inspiration from Konami's Metal Gear. In fact, if we were being slightly unkind, we'd go as far as to suggest that it's little more than a rip-off and even uses near-identical sprites to Konami's game.

Rescue Force - Heroes Unchained is a top-down shooter which claims to offer tighter control and a "better all around experience" than Metal Gear. The modest Kickstarter goal of $500 has already been surpassed, with over $3,000 pledged so far.

Here's some PR:

In the high-stakes world of special operations, the powerful and covert Rescue Force unit is tasked with executing near-impossible missions with unmatched precision. In a desperate bid to save a captive comrades, the unit's esteemed commander handpicks a skilled soldier to penetrate four heavily fortified enemy bases. Engulfed in a lethal dance of evading enemy onslaughts, navigating treacherous terrains studded with tanks and other devilish traps, the soldier's unwavering determination will be the pivotal factor in successfully executing this thrilling rescue operation.

$20 is enough to secure you a digital version of the game, which can then be loaded onto a flash cart or played via emulation, while $60 will get you a physical version on a proper NES cartridge.

There are other tiers above that, but the most eye-opening option has to be the 'Digital Version Plus', which, for $40, gives you a digital copy of Rescue Force as well as a digital copy of Custer's Revenge - Reimagined, a remake of the infamous Atari 2600 title which was one of the earliest examples of an 'adult' video game.

As you can imagine, this inclusion hasn't gone down all that well with a lot of people, as Custer's Revenge features racist imagery and sexual violence against women.

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