Handheld Saturn Modder Is Making A Portable MiSTer Next 1
Image: @TZMWXdiyer

Chinese modder TZMWX is working on a portable MiSTer console – but the catch is that it will most likely be a one-off.

TZMWX is the talent behind the portable Saturn we covered not so long ago, and over the past month has been experimenting with MiSTer gear in order to produce a handheld variant of the FPGA platform.

He's been looking at ways of streamlining the internal components so they can fit into the smallest space possible and has just twinned the MiSTer with a 5-inch, 640x480 pixel screen, as well as a 3D-printed case.

While TZMWX's MiSTer won't be for commercial production, fellow modder Taki Udon is hard at work on a handheld version that will be sold alongside various other MiSTer-related products.

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