Taki Udon's $99 MiSTer FPGA Clone Won't Be $99 Anymore - It Will Be Cheaper 1
Image: @Taki Udon

Taki Udon's much-hyped MiSTer FPGA rival has been getting plenty of attention over the past few weeks, mainly because it aims to shake up the market with its $99 price tag – a significant reduction on what a standard MiSTer setup costs.

Taki Udon recently held a poll to decide what the name of the board would be, and now he's back with some other news – both the standard board and the kit will be less than expected.

"I just got out of a meeting with the team," he posted on social media. "Unfortunately, we have to change the prices on the $99 board and the $115 kit... These will both now be cheaper."

He adds that the first batch of boards will number around 2,000 units.

As well as working on a MiSTer clone, Taki Udon and his company are also producing a rival for the Analogue Pocket.

Has the news that Taki Udon's MiSTer clone will be less than $99 changed your opinion on a purchase? (1,379 votes)

  1. Yes, I'm going to get one now50%
  2. No, I was going to get one regardless34%
  3. I don't really care either way16%

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