MiSTer FPGA is a remarkable platform for retro gaming. Via FPGA tech, it is able to offer an accurate and low-latency reproduction of many classic gaming platforms, from the NES all the way up to the N64, PS1 and Saturn.

However, the high cost of owning one of these devices has always been a prime consideration to potential buyers, and recent parts shortages have pushed the price up even more.

It's welcome news, then, to hear that a $99 MiSTer mainboard is on its way, which massively reduces the barrier of entry for anyone interested in taking the plunge.

As reported by Taki Udon (who, in the interests of full disclosure, has pointed out that he is a co-founder in a company that will eventually be selling this board at retail), a new clone board has come out of the Far East which offers the same performance as the 'legit' DE10 at a fraction of the cost. "This would cost you ~$250 before today," says Taki Udon. "It's now way cheaper to get into FPGA gaming."

He adds that the clone board appears to use less power as well ā€“ around 1.5-2W than the "official DE10".

Taki Udon adds that "there will be a console version of this with a different PCB layout with most of the existing MiSTer add-ons integrated, plus one big surprise. It looks amazing!" He also says a handheld MiSTer is coming too, "followed by two cheaper consoles with less io/features."

Naturally, extensive testing is going to be required to ensure this clone board meets the same standards as the real deal, but for anyone who has previously been on the fence about MiSTer FPGA due to its high cost, this could be the news they've been waiting for.

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