You Can Now Play Tetris On A Slurpee Cup 1
Image: @7eleven

The Tetris Company is teaming up with US retailer 7-Eleven to produce a range of exclusive merchandise based on the famous puzzle title (thanks, VGC).

Items will include shirts, hats, and other clothing featuring both the Tetris and 7-Eleven branding, and are currently exclusive to the US.

However, the most interesting product in this collaboration is arguably a Tetris handheld shaped like a Slurpee cup.

Boasting an 1.8-inch screen and powered by x3 AAA batteries (or via USB), the cup also has a built-in light which illuminates the "Slurpee dollop" on the top "in a rainbow of colours".

Here's the full description:

Featuring an officially licensed Tetris title, this portable Slurpee® + TETRIS® Handheld Game Device lets you play the classic game on the go, with a full-color 1.8-in. screen that brings the iconic shapes and colors to life. But that's not all! This portable Slurpee® + TETRIS® Handheld Game Device also comes equipped with an on/off switch to illuminate the Slurpee dollop in a rainbow of colors. And thanks to the intuitive user interface, you'll be able to jump right in and start playing like a pro. Plus, the built-in speaker with volume control delivers clear, immersive sound. Powered by 3 AAA batteries or USB-C cable (not included), this portable Slurpee® + TETRIS® Handheld Game Device is the ideal travel companion for gamers of all ages. Don't wait – grab yours today and experience the thrill of Tetris wherever you go!

The handheld is marked as 'coming soon' and will cost you $30.

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