Remember when we reported on the incredible achievements of Alex Thach (AKA Alex T), a 15-year-old Tetris prodigy who recently became the first person to pass 10 million points on the game (he actually reached over 16 million points). Well, he's back and has basically broken every retro going on the 'classic' NES version of the game.

Alex T's record was actually set on a modded version of the game – commonly used in the competitive Tetris community – so he then decided to set a record on the original cart, just for fun.

So, his record list currently stands at the following: passing 12 million points before hitting the first "crash" trigger, world record on a modded cart, world record on an original cart, highest score achieved at a crash point and highest score achieved prior to a crash happening. Oh, and on April 15th, he broke his modded cart score record.

He's also the first person to trigger a visual glitch in the game which has been christened "Summoning Satan". So, it's probably fair to say that Alex T, at just 15 years of age, is the best Tetris player on the planet right now.