1996's PS1-Made Shmup 'Devil Blade' Is Getting A Modern-Day Reboot 1
Image: Shigatake

Update #2 [Fri 3rd May, 2024 09:00 BST]: Devil Blade Reboot's release date has been confirmed as May 24th.

Update #1 [Thu 14th Mar, 2024 09:30 GMT]: Devil Blade Reboot now has its own Steam page, as well as a fancy new trailer:

Original Story [Mon 20th Nov, 2023 14:30 GMT]: As spotted by Gosokkyu, Devil Blade, a 1996 vertical shoot 'em up for the original PlayStation, appears to be getting a modern reboot from its original creator for Windows PCs.

The game was originally developed by Shigatake, a Japanese illustrator known for their work with Vanillaware, and was created using the shoot 'em up creation software Dezaemon Plus. This allowed aspiring developers to create their own games using an icon-driven toolset and share their creations via a PS1 memory card. It was then later ported to the NES/Famicom in 2015.

Shigatake has been sharing updates about the upcoming Windows version of the game over on Twitter since 2018, and one of his latest posts offers an exciting glimpse at a new retro mode that will be included in the finished reboot.

We're not sure entirely when the game will be released, but it seems that Shigatake has been making some real headway lately, having finished implementing the bosses so that it is now possible to play through the entire story from start to finish.

We'll obviously try and let you know when the full game is finished and available to download.

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