Octopus Arcade Stick Maker Is Tackling MiSTer FPGA Next With The TR Quantum 1
Image: TR Fight Stick

TR Fight Stick, the company behind the fully-funded Octopus Arcade Stick, has revealed that its next project relates to the popular MiSTer FPGA retro gaming platform.

The company is launching a crowdfunding campaign for the TR Quantum, "a sleek MiSTer case designed with you in mind."

The case comes equipped with HDMI, analog and digital audio ports, VGA out and Mini Din 9 for SCART connectivity. "It embodies our dedication to quality and attention to detail," adds TR Fight Stick. "The TR Quantum is for gamers who demand the best in form and function."

The case will be fashioned from aluminium and will come with "intuitive touch controls" and a "dedicated microSD slot and additional USB ports for flexibility."

You can follow this campaign here.