ZUIKI X68000 Z
Image: @ZUIKIInc

We've done our best to try to keep you up to date with the latest news on the X68000 Z — ZUIKI's miniaturized version of the Sharp X68000 — but every so often something slips through the cracks.

Case in point, recently the company announced that it was adding a new crowdfunding feature to its website and that its first project would be a standalone reissue of the black monitor. This was an item that was initially only included in its 'complete pack', which retailed for ¥87,780.

ZUIKI is asking for ¥6,000,000 in total to make the project a reality and has already raised ¥3,728,640 of that total so far, with the campaign ultimately set to close on June 27th. The monitor is priced at ¥19,990 and will also come with a USB-TypeC to C cable and an instruction manual.

Here is an overview of the product:

Product name: X68000 Z dedicated monitor (black)
Size: W: 148mm × D: 160mm × H: 170mm
Weight: 733g
Power supply: USB-TypeC 5V3A
Resolution: 1024 x 768 / 60Hz (4:3)
Terminal: HDMI (input), earphone jack
Adjustment button: Volume/Brightness/Contrast
Audio output: Built-in stereo speakers

According to the website, overseas shipping is not an option, so if you're interested, you'll likely need to go through a third party living in Japan or wait for them to turn up on the secondhand market.

[source zuiki.co.jp]