Castlevania / Quarth
Image: Konami

ZUIKI has just announced a new deluxe pack for the X68000 Z — its recreation of Sharp’s X68000 — which will include Konami's 1993 X68000 enhanced port of the original NES Castlevania as well as the puzzle shoot 'em up hybrid Quarth.

Pre-orders for the pack will start later today at 8:00 pm JST (that's 12 pm UK time), with the two games set to be released on May 30th, 2024.

Most people reading this will probably already know about Castlevania for the X68000 from its PlayStation rerelease under the name Castlevania Chronicles. It is essentially a 16-bit update of the original, with new and revised stages, an increased difficulty cap, and the added bonus of being able to attack downward and diagonally below.

Quarth, meanwhile, is a port of Konami's 1989 arcade game, where players must shoot at falling blocks to destroy them by arranging them into either squares or rectangles.

Both of these games were previously announced for the system last year, but until recently we didn't exactly know how they would be distributed for the system or when.

The pack will cost ¥5,478 (which roughly converts to £28/$35/€33). Here's the link to ZUIKI's store page. It will also be available to pre-order on Beep.