The Thing
Image: Black Label Games

When it comes to the fine art of remastering old games, few companies are as adept at the practice as Nightdive Studios.

In the past, the Washington-based developer has worked on updated versions of everything from System Shock to Quake, with their most recent releases being the remasters of Star Wars: Dark Forces and the 1995 3DO shooter PO'ed β€” both of which launched earlier this year across PC and consoles. Now, though, it appears that it has even more remasters up its sleeve, with the company teasing two new projects on social media, which will be properly unveiled at the Guerrilla Collective showcase (June 6th) and IGN Live (June 7th).

These projects include an updated version of the 1995 3DO first-person-shooter Killing Time called Killing Time Resurrected and another project that seems to be based on Computer Artwork's survival horror game The Thing (which was originally released in 2002 for PC, PS2, and Xbox and served as a sequel of sorts to the 1982 John Carpenter film).

The Killing Time project was prematurely announced over on Guerrilla Collective's account yesterday on Twitter with a piece of key art, where it went mostly unnoticed until Gematsu raised the alarm.

Nightdive, meanwhile, teased elsewhere on its social media page that it is also working on another project that will be announced at IGN Live, posting a piece of background art that is clearly taken from the box art for The Thing video game.

That's unfortunately all we have to go on for now, but we'll keep you updated as more information is announced over the next couple of days.