Modder Builds "The Ultimate Game Boy" 1
Image: Zac Builds

Considering it's a 'dead' console which originally released way back in 1989, the Nintendo Game Boy certainly gets a lot of attention in the modern era.

Not only do we have the excellent Analogue Pocket for all of our Game Boy needs, we've seen devices like the Anbernic RG35XX SP take inspiration from one of the handheld's offspring, the Game Boy Advance SP.

We've also recently had the news that Oculus founder Palmer Luckey has created a Game Boy clone with a metal body, super-tough screen and a display so accurate that it cost a ton of cash to develop. So, yeah, the world of Game Boy is pretty busy right now.

Amid all of this activity, you'd wonder why anyone would want to create their own Game Boy system, but there's a very passionate community surrounding Game Boy mods and upgrades – and modder Zac Builds has just taken it upon himself to craft what he's describing as the "ultimate" version of Nintendo's iconic portable.

Taking the GBA SP as his foundation, Zac Builds has created an all-new case and factored in a bunch of amazing upgrades to really bring the concept up to speed. These include a superior screen, upgraded rechargeable battery, replacement power switch, clicky L and R buttons, EZ Flash Omega flash cart with a 128GB MicroSD card, a new speaker, USB-C connectivity and internal LED lights, as well as other cool stuff (sadly, wireless charging wasn't possible).

You can check out the full build in the video below.