PS1 Emulation Comes To iPhone Via Gamma 1
Image: Damien McFerran / Time Extension

It's now possible to play PS1 games on your iPhone thanks to a new app called Gamma.

Developed by ZodTTD (AKA Benjamin Stark) – an individual who has a long history in the world of emulation – Gamma is pretty feature-rich. It supports Bluetooth controllers, runs on both the iPhone and iPad, supports cloud saves for your game files and save states and automatically finds cover artwork for your collection. You don't need to worry about tracking down BIOS files to run games, either.

The Verge has done some digging into the history of the app, and it turns out that Stark's code was used in Riley Testut’s first iOS emulator, GBA4iOS – Testut, as you may recall, is the developer behind Delta, one of the most popular emulators to hit the iOS App Store so far.

Gamma is “based off Delta’s codebase (excluding the actual PSX core),” Testut tells The Verge, before adding that ZodTTD has "full permission to do that." Testut says he owes a debt to Stark, and that he's “the reason I started developing emulators in the first place."