This New Atari ST Racer Is Seriously Smooth 1
Image: @RetroRacing

Atari ST developer Jonathan Thomas is perhaps best known for his work on the Atari STE version of Pole Position and for being part of the team which is porting Gremlin's Lotus to the ST – but he's also working on his own racing game for the computer, and it's looking very impressive indeed.

It only has a working title at present – Atari STE 50fps Racer – but the footage released by Thomas so far more than makes up for the lack of a solid name. As the title suggests, the aim is to have the game running at 50fps, offering a surprisingly smooth experience.

Inspired by Konami's 1986 title WEC Le Mans, Atari STE 50fps Racer even manages to imitate the sprite scaling techniques seen in some of Sega's arcade titles from the period, despite the ST lacking any sprite scaling capabilities.

We think it's amazing to see computers like the ST get new titles – and we'll be keeping a close eye on the progress of this one. Let us know what you think by posting a comment below.