Neo Geo AES
Image: Damien McFerran / Time Extension

If you happen to play a lot of new homebrew games, then you've probably come across at least one project over the last year that has been built using the Scorpion Engine.

The popular video game creation kit, originally released by @Earok in 2023, has empowered a significant number of game developers to build their own titles for a small collection of Motorola 68000-based platforms (including the Sega Mega Drive / Genesis, Commodore Amiga, and Amiga CD32), without having to go through the complicated process of programming their own game engines themselves.

And, as spotted recently by @masterlinkueibr on Twitter, it has just added yet another to the growing list, introducing compatibility for Neo Geo development as part of its experimental branch.

This means that homebrew developers wanting to develop games for the Neo Geo now amazingly have yet another option for creating their projects, in addition to the other SDKs that are already out there.

The editor is closed-source but features a bunch of open-source game projects and demos for players to experiment with. These should provide you with some helpful materials to let you get your head around how the engine works.

You can download it now from Earok's GitHub.

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