Athena and Fighting Golf 1
Image: SNK / Imagine

Two more games have come to Analogue Pocket, and they've both by SNK.

The games are actually included in a single FPGA core, which has been ported from MiSTer to the Analogue Pocket by Roland King.

Athena (1986) is a side-scrolling action platformer with role-playing elements. The lead character became something of a mascot for SNK in the years before the Neo Geo; her descendant, Athena Asamiya, would later appear in 1987's Psycho Soldier and the King of Fighters series.

The game was ported to the Commodore 64, NES, and ZX Spectrum, and is available on PS4 and Switch via Hamster's Arcade Archives series.

Fighting Golf (1988) is more famous for its NES port, which was famously rechristened Lee Trevino's Fighting Golf.

You can grab the new core from here, or use your usual Analogue Pocket update method.