Image: Namco

During today's livestream, Hamster Corporation announced that it will be bringing Namco's falling block puzzler Emeraldia to both Nintendo Switch & PS4 on April 18th (as reported by Famitsu!).

Emeraldia was originally released in the arcades back in 1993 for Namco's NA-1 hardware (the same hardware used for Exvania, Cosmo Gang The Puzzle, and Super World Court, among others) and was also later given a Japanese-exclusive re-issue on the Nintendo Wii Virtual Console in 2009. It tasks players with matching blocks of the same colour in order to clear the screen, and contains three unique modes to pick from, including "adventure", "normal", and "versus".

The adventure mode sees players take control of a dolphin named Mint, as they set out to rescue various sea creatures from an underwater demon named Jamir, while the other two options are for those who simply want to experience the game and don't care all that much about the story.

Emeraldia will be the third game to be released as part of Arcade Archives' ongoing "Namco month". It follows the release of Exvania and this week's title: 1987's Super Xevious Gamp no Nazo.

[source famitsu.com]