MSX Title Pampas & Selene Is Coming To Steam 1
Image: UnEpic Games

Modern-day MSX2 title Pampas & Selene: The Maze of Demons is getting a Steam release, it has been confirmed.

Developed by UnEpic Games, it's pitched as a "spiritual sequel for the Maze of Galious" and was released on MSX2 hardware in physical form a while back.

"From the mind that brought you Unepic, Ghost 1.0 and UnMetal," says the developer. "Join Pampas and Selene as they overcome monsters, demons, and the Dark Priest with the help of the gods themselves! Explore this co-opvania 8-bit platformer as both heroes or team up with a friend. This retro game is a loving tribute to MSX2 classics and a hard-hitting dose of childhood nostalgia."

Here's the full PR for the game:

According to the legend, after defeating the Dark Cleric in the Castle Greek, Popolon, and Aphrodite became King and Queen. They ruled the realm with wisdom and prosperity, but after thirty-six years of peace, in the distant Mogdoss Castle, a new evil rises, one that echoes the shadow of what happened at Castle Greek all those years ago. Pampas and Selene, children of Popolon and Aphrodite, wield both sword and wand as they enter Mogdoss Castle to put an end to this terrible threat.

Pampas & Selene: the Maze of Demons is a retro-inspired video game initially created for MSX2 computers. This version is a port to the PC that includes some modern improvements as well as support for local co-op and online multiplayer. This classic metroidvania platformer aims to scratch the nostalgic itch of everyone who grew up playing these amazing MSX games.

Play solo and swap between Pampas & Selene as you explore a new castle, or play cooperatively with a friend and battle together, taking down hordes of monsters. Find items, improve your talents, gain new unique abilities, conquer challenging bosses, and complete mythical quests, unlocking the boons of the Greek Pantheon.

Action, exploration, battles and loot. The 8-bit legend needs you if the land of Greek is ever to find peace again.

The release date is confirmed as 21st May 2024. You can download a demo now.