FPGA Developer Wizzo Leaves MARS Team "On Good Terms" 1

Australian FPGA developer Wizzo – the man behind the brilliant TapTo NFC system – has revealed that he has left the team behind the upcoming MARS FPGA platform.

Posting on Reddit, Wizzo said:

I am no longer part of the MARS project as of a couple of months ago and I am absolutely not dropping support for MiSTer for any of my work.

I didn't want to make a big deal about it, because I can't say much about the reasons why without revealing information that is still meant to be private, but I would like to make that totally clear before it becomes a rumour. In case anyone is wondering as well, I left on good terms with everyone involved.

Wizzo was announced as part of the MARS (Multi Arcade and Retro System) team last year. Flxel (developer of 3DO and Dreamcast emulators), ToddsNerdCave (industrial designer behind cases for products such as the OSSC, MiSTer and Retrotink 5x) and RetroTINK creator Mike Chi all remain on board, as far as we're aware.

The device is expected to retail for around $700 and promises to be capable of supporting systems beyond what the MiSTer FPGA and Analogue Pocket are capable of.

MARS FPGA was due to launch earlier this year but was hit with a delay. It is expected to be shown off to the public in June.

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