Open-Source Tomb Raider Engine Now Includes An "Experimental" 60 FPS Mode 1
Image: LostArtefacts

Open-source Tomb Raider engine TR1X has just been given a bunch of enhancements, including an "experimental" 60 FPS mode.

The Windows, Mac and Linux-based engine has just been updated to version 4.0, which includes the new 60 FPS mode – as well as the option to slow down the game, new targeting options, support for OpenGL 3.3 Core Profile and the ability to move the camera while targeting enemies.

"This is an open-source implementation of the classic Tomb Raider I game (1996), made by reverse engineering the TombATI / GLRage variant of the original game and replacing proprietary audio/video libraries with open-source variants," reads the engine's GitHub page, from where you can download this latest version.

The engine already offers a raft of improvements over the 1996 edition of the game, including a free camera, customisable draw distance and much more.

To use the engine, you'll need the assets from the original game, which can be purchased on GOG or Steam.