Godzilla And Gamera Team-Up In This Free (And Unofficial) MSX Game 1
Image: @Paxanga_Soft

Indie studio Paxanga Soft has released a new MSX game for free, and it stars Godzilla and Gamera – two of the most famous kaiju.

"Help Godzilla and Gamera to escape the evil Dr. Shorizawa's trap," says the Godzilla Balls official page. "Make both kaiju cooperate to help themselves. Retrieve all the balls and be free (and big, very big!) again!!"

Paxanga Soft says that it has plans to create a physical version of the game – complete with a box and manual – later this year in order to "keep celebrating the wonderful 70th Anniversary of Godzilla."

However, it's possible to download the ROM for free right now (although the developer is asking that players at least make a small contribution).

[source paxangasoft.retroinvaders.com]