Modder Turns Rare PS1 Controller Into A Working PS1 Console 1
Image: haihaisb

A Japanese modder has turned a rare PS1 accessory into a fully working PlayStation console (thanks, Dexerto).

Hairo Satoh – better known as haihaisb on Instagram – has long been sharing his wild and wacky creations with his followers, but his mods are usually focused on the Game Boy.

However, for this new project, he has taken Takara's 2001 Roulette controller – which was only released in Japan – and turned it into a portable PS1.

Released alongside the PS1 Game Of Life title in Japan, the Roulette pad has a 'Wheel of Fortune' spinner in the middle, which is used during gameplay. It's in this section of the controller that Satoh has embedded an LCD screen.

The mod even includes an SD card slot, volume dial, dual stereo speakers and a USB-C port – which we assume charges the internal battery. What it doesn't offer is dual analogue sticks – we assume factoring them into the build was too much, even for someone of Satoh's obvious skill.

Satoh shows Donkey Kong Country running on the device, which would suggest that he has used either a SoC solution or that he has cannibalised a PlayStation Classic, which can be hacked to run other consoles via emulation.