Metroid II Gets A Colourful Super Game Boy Update 1
Image: Nintendo

The Game Boy title Metroid II: Return of Samus has just received a colourful spruce-up thanks to the efforts of first-time modder Ryallasha N’vetay.

Metroid II: SGB Enhanced adds a Super Game Boy border and custom palette to the monochrome title, making it look a lot more lively and interesting.

"The Samus, Chozo and Metroid sprites were edited from the game; the gunship is entirely custom," explains N’vetay when describing the custom border. "The background mimics the promo poster/boxart."

N’vetay leveraged Marc Max's Super Game Boy injector program to create the ROM hack.

"I really hope y’all enjoy my first venture into ROM modding," concludes N’vetay. "Here’s to hoping for more to come in the future!"

Originally released in 1991, Metroid II: Return of Samus serves as a direct sequel to the NES original. It was remade for 3DS in 2017 under the title Metroid: Samus Returns.