Legendary Ocean And US Gold Artist F. David Thorpe Has Passed Away Aged 84 1
Image: Ocean

It has been revealed that F. David Thorpe, who created some of the most memorable ZX Spectrum loading screens for Ocean and US Gold, passed away earlier this year following a long illness. He was 84.

Thorpe was behind the amazing screen art for games such as Head Over Heels, Rambo, Spy Hunter, Hunchback 2, Batman and Green Beret, and was considered to be one of the masters of dealing with the system's 'colour clash' limitations.

The news was broken in a post on the Ocean Software Facebook page, which reads:

I'm sorry to say I bring some sad news. I've just been made aware that F. David Thorpe, who made many 1st class loading screens for Ocean Software and U.S. Gold & others passed away on 29th January, aged 84, after a long illness.

It was his work that made me realise how good the Spectrum screen could look in the right hands when I was teenager and made me try and learn to make my own.

His exceptional loading screens included 'Head Over Heels', 'Kong Strikes Back', 'Hunchback II', 'Green Beret', 'MOVIE' and many more. Back then, NO ONE made better loading screens. He was the one who set the benchmark. Without seeing his work I most probably would never have ended up working at Ocean in the late 80s.

Rest in peace Mr F. David Thorpe and our thoughts are with his family and friends.

The retro community has been paying tribute to Thorpe since the news went live:

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