Google's Attempt To Celebrate Sonic Causes Widespread Confusion 1
Image: Sega

We're used to seeing corporate brands collaborate on social media for fun and laughs, but a recent Sonic-themed thread by the official Google Play account on Twitter appears to have caused more frowns than smiles.

"Sonic, but as you scroll, he gets older and older" is the opening tweet before the account goes through many of Sonic's iterations over the decades, getting the release years and other key details hopelessly wrong.

Such gaffs include saying the Mega Drive debut was "8-bit GLORY" to claiming that Sonic Boom (2014) was made in 1993. Needless to say, Twitter's Community Notes feature has been used extensively to point out the inaccuracies contained within each tweet.

In fact, almost every post contains a mistake – leading some to assume it's all intentional and purely done to generate engagement.

Regardless of the reasoning, even Sonic's official Twitter account felt compelled to voice concern:

The reaction online has been predictably one of complete bewilderment and confusion, as you can see from the responses below:

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