WipEout PD
Image: Tom Salvo

We're used to seeing some pretty ridiculous ports here at Time Extension, but every so often something will come along that will have us disbelieving our eyes.

That is the case with this recent work-in-progress wireframe demo of Psygnosis's classic PS1 racer WipEout running on the Playdate, which came to our attention only yesterday via the YOYOZO developer Matt Sephton on Twitter.

The ambitious port is the work of the developer Tom Salvo and is based on PhobosLab's WipEout Rewrite, which is a reimplementation of the 1995 PS1 original.

It's worth mentioning that this isn't intended to be a commercial release and actually requires you to provide the assets from the PSX NTSC and PC versions of the game yourself. In other words, this isn't something you'll be able to download directly from the Playdate Catalog.

Instead, you'll have to compile it yourself, which will inevitably take a bit of a learning curve for those are unfamiliar with the process.

Right now, the port is still clearly in development, with the game hardcoded to show an attract mode for one ship on a time trial, and containing the odd couple of bugs. Regardless, it's no less impressive to see someone get the game up and running on the miniature handheld and we'll be watching this project closely in the future to see how it develops further.

[source github.com, via twitter.com]