The state of third-party controllers today is arguably better than it's ever been. Sure, there are fewer options than there were a few decades back, but the quality of these options is sky-high when compared to the truly terrible aftermarket pads we had to endure during the '90s and 2000s – and a new video from Rerez shines a light on one of the worst culprits, Mad Catz.

Founded in 1989, the brand became infamous for producing some of the worst third-party controller alternatives the market had seen up to that point.

These were the kind of controllers clueless elderly relatives would buy you for Christmas, plagued with crunchy D-pads, unresponsive buttons, oversensitive analogue sticks and – in some cases – features and functions which flat-out didn't work properly.

To be fair, Maf Catz did clean up its act a little in its later years, producing Rock Band instruments and arcade fight sticks (let's not mention the largely awful M.O.J.O. Android-based micro-console, though) – but it was too late. In 2017, the company filed for bankruptcy. The brand name was revived in 2018 as Mad Catz Global Limited, with a focus on PC accessories and game publishing.

Rerez's excellent video certainly brings back some terrible, terrible memories for us personally, but do you think Mad Catz deserves the reputation it has today, or did you own a controller from the company which was your go-to interface option? Let us know with a comment below.