Update [Mon 18th Mar, 2024 12:25 GMT]: Not only is Boogermann / Marcus Jordan bringing Irem's M72 arcade hardware to the Analogue Pocket, but he's also porting the M92 core, which plays host to the following titles:

  • Blade Master / Cross Blades
  • Dream Soccer 94
  • Gunforce
  • Gunforce 2 / Geostorm
  • Hook
  • In The Hunt / Kaitei Daisensou
  • Lethal Thunder / Thunder Blaster
  • Major Title 2 / The Irem Skins Game
  • Mystic Riders / Gun Hohki
  • Ninja Baseball Batman / Yakyuu Kakutou League-Man
  • Perfect Soldiers / Superior Soldiers
  • R-Type Leo
  • Undercover Cops

Original Story [Sat 16th Mar, 2024 16:15 GMT]: Irem's M72 arcade hardware is coming to Analogue Pocket thanks to a new OpenFPGA core.

The core is based on the work of FPGA developer Wickerwaka and has been ported to the Pocket by Boogermann / Marcus Jordan.

R-Type is arguably the most famous game to utilise the M72 board, but this core will also support other classic arcade titles.

Here's the full list:

  • Air Duel
  • Battle Chopper / Mr. HELI no Dai-Bouken
  • Dragon Breed
  • Gallop: Armed Police Unit
  • Hammerin' Harry / Daiku no Gensan
  • Image Fight
  • Legend of Hero Tonma
  • Ninja Spirit / Saigo no Nindou
  • R-Type
  • R-Type 2
  • X Multiply

The core will be available soon according to our friend Pixel Cherry Ninja, who was lucky enough to get access to a WIP version.