Japanese Game Preservation Society Is Selling Off Rare Items To Fund Its Work 1
Image: @gamepresintl

The Japanese Game Preservation Society is selling off duplicate items from its inventory in order to raise the money required to purchase the flatbed scanner needed to electronically archive magazines and game packaging.

The non-profit organization has already sold a rare sealed copy of Popful Mail on the Sega CD as part of its funding drive, which went for the bargain price of 22,000 Yen (around £123).

You can see the society's current listings on Yahoo Auctions. If you're unable to view the page for whatever reason, you can use a proxy site to view the items.

"The proceeds from this successful auction will be used carefully to purchase the scanner necessary to electronically archive magazine and package images, and to fund the activities of the magazine archive business," reads the description on each listing, translated into English via Google. "The Game Preservation Association is a non-profit organization that carries out game preservation activities with the catchphrase 'To preserve games for the future'."

[source gamepres.org]