Irem is best known today for its genre-defining R-Type series, and this collection for the Evercade includes the game that kicked off that famous lineage. R-Type is comfortably the biggest reason to invest in this pack, but it's joined by some equally commendable picks from the Japanese developer's history.

In the Hunt is perhaps the best of the rest, offering a unique, underwater shmup experience which shares DNA with Metal Slug, the run-and-gun shooter created by many former Irem staffers.

Had this collection been limited to these two games alone, they would make it worthy of purchase – but the fact that you also get Mr. Heli / Battle Chopper (a cute platformer / shmup hybrid in which your character, a sentient helicopter, can fly and walk on the ground) and the first-ever domestic release of Lightning Swords (a side-scrolling action title set in feudal Japan) makes it even sweeter.

Moon Patrol and 10-Yard Fight are games from Irem's earlier history and are likely to be slightly less appealing to anyone who isn't an existing fan, but they still offer a decent amount of playability, and 10-Yard Fight really comes alive when played on the Evercade VS with a second person.

Irem Arcade 1 is a real gem of a collection for fans of the company and is highly recommended to all Evercade owners.