Ghostbusters II Janine & Louis
Image: Columbia Pictures

BillyTime!Games amazing ROM hack of Compile's 1990 Ghostbusters game for the Sega Mega Drive / Genesis has just reached version 2.0, and in the process has introduced a bunch of incredible new characters, colours, modes, cheats, secrets, and more.

The news was shared earlier today (March 5th) on Twitter, with the ROM hacker posting a thread going over some of what was added. According to the thread, this new version of the hack adds two new characters to the game, including a wildcard character (Sigma from Mega Man X) and a playable version of Janine Melnitz (the Ghostbusters secretary from the original films and an occasional Ghostbuster herself in the Real Ghostbusters animated TV show). Sigma can be unlocked by pressing left on Louis Tully on the character select, while Janine can be unlocked by pressing left on Sigma.

This latest version of the hack also incorporates all optional mods from previous versions into the main game, as well as adding three new colour options for the Ghostbusters suits (taking the total up to nine), a tough-as-nails Ultra Nightmare Mode (no cheats, saves, continues, etc), and a random colour select (accessed by holding Down+Start and pressing either A, B, or C).

You can grab the latest version of the ROM hack from either or