Image: P1xelAndy

The world of 'classic' Tetris (the NES version, basically) has been chewing up column inches of late thanks to the news that the game has finally been "beaten" after 34 years.

That feat was achieved by Willis "Blue Scuti" Gibson, who managed to reach the game's kill screen and "beat Tetris". That feat has since been repeated by other players, including a player called P1xelAndy.

If you've been following the competitive Tetris scene over the years, that name might seem familiar; P1xelAndy, along with his brother, DogPlayingTetris (Michael Khanh), has been incredibly successful when it comes to winning tournaments.

However, last month, P1xelAndy clocked up what must rank as the most incredible Tetris score yet recorded, and it did it by playing the game at an incredibly high-functioning level.

The video above describes what happened brilliantly, but, to cut a long story short, it's all to do with exactly when P1xelAndy scores his 'Tetrises' – a four-line clear which is worth more points the later you get one in the game.

The previous world record – set by Blue Scuti – was 6,850,560 points. PixelAndy's score was 8,952,432 – more than two million points over Scuti's. That's all down to P1xelAndy's impeccable skill towards the end of his run, when he scored multiple Tetrises in the latter stages of the game, racking up the points.

He's not done, though – he's already trying to break the ten million-point-barrier.

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