YouTuber Elliot Coll has discovered a teeny, tiny Game Boy which makes the Game Gear Micro look positively oversized.

Coll – who also runs The Retro Future channel – stumbled across the $85 device while browsing AliExpress. It's totally unofficial, of course, and appears to be powered by a Raspberry Pi RP2040.

You can't use your original cartridges (of course), but the opening on the back functions as the microSD slot, allowing you to load up Game Boy ROMs. A rechargeable LiPo battery provides power.

Game Boy games are low-resolution affairs, so they translate reasonably well to the unit's tiny display, but Coll admits that he had trouble following the action at times. He also points out that the UI is hard to navigate, as much of it is in Chinese. It's not known what software the system is using.

The controls are also a little too small for comfortable play – but that doesn't mean we don't want one. It's insanely cute.