Master of Weapon
Image: Taito

Hamster has announced that Taito's vertical-scrolling arcade shooter Master of Weapon will be this week's Arcade Archives release (as reported by Famitsu!). It will begin distribution on PS4 (via the PlayStation store) & the Nintendo Switch eShop on February 15th.

The game, which sees players battling biological mutants and heavy machinery across a post-nuclear Earth, was originally released in arcades back in 1989 and later received a Japan-exclusive Sega Mega Drive port from the developer KID in 1991.

In both versions of the game, players travel across various battle-scarred environments in a super-powered jet and can attack both aerial forces as well as enemies on the ground. There are also various weapons to unlock (including a short-ranged laser, a screen-clearing bomb, a star-shaped spread shot, and guided projectiles) as well as the ability to upgrade your basic photon attack to fire more streams.

You can watch some footage of the original arcade game below: