Super Mario Collection
Image: Oscar Bown

A brand new Mario-themed photography book called Super Mario Collection is currently being crowdfunded over on Kickstarter.

The book is the work of the prolific collector Oscar Bown, who started collecting Mario memorabilia at the age of 3 years old after discovering the character from playing Super Mario Sunshine.

To give you a bit of context, Bown previously made headlines back in 2010 after he posted a video of his collection that at that point consisted of only 1000+ items. He has since added over 8000 more items to this collection of memorabilia, having made additional trips in the intervening to various countries like Japan, Thailand, and Taiwan to source rare and interesting artifacts.

He now plans to release a book featuring his own photography of his collection, inspired by his passion for graphic design. This will inevitably include some of the impossible-to-find Mario memorabilia that he has amassed over the years, as well as other more common items.

There are two versions of the book available (blue and red) on Kickstarter, which are both priced at £25.

We have to say, it's all looking pretty slick from what we've seen so far, and we wouldn't mind owning a copy ourselves. But we're not exactly confident that Nintendo will let this slide, without a potential name change and Bown doing a bit more work to differentiate itself from an official product.