Konami's Vendetta / Crime Fighters 2 Is Coming To Analogue Pocket And MiSTer Soon 1
Image: Konami

Released in 1991, Konami's Vendetta / Crime Fighters 2 is one of the company's most accomplished side-scrolling fighting games.

The sequel to 1989's Crime Fighters, it boasts bold visuals, complex mechanics and a welcome sense of humour – but sadly, it was never ported to any home system at the time of release.

Thankfully, that situation has changed recently, with Hamster including the game in its Arcade Archives range in 2021.

"If you're a fan of belt-scrolling fighters, then Vendetta is a must-buy, pure and simple," said Nintendo Life in its 9/10 review of the Switch version. "While its arcade origins do mean it's slightly unbalanced in terms of fairness, it has enough charm, gameplay and multiplayer appeal to be well worth a look, even decades after its initial release."

We now bring even more good news – FPGA developer Jotego has announced that Vendetta / Crime Fighters 2 is coming to Analogue Pocket and MiSTer very soon.

Because the game uses similar hardware to Konami's Simpsons coin-op, it will be added to Jotego's JTSIMSON core "with minor adjustments".