3DS Virtual Boy Emulation Gives You 3D Without Headaches 1
Image: Damien McFerran / Time Extension

A Virtual Boy emulator has just been released for the Nintendo 3DS, and it runs all officially licensed games at full speed.

Developed by @Skyfloogle, Red Viper can be installed on hacked 3DS consoles and allows you to experience the console's 3D effect without having to stoop over a table or get a headache.

"3D is supported, you can change the colour [and] the right D-Pad can be controlled via the touchscreen, or via the face buttons (with the VB's face buttons being on the touchscreen)," says the developer. "New 3DS C-Stick is mapped to the right D-Pad, Circle Pad Pro should be possible, but I haven't looked into it."

Released in 1995, the Virtual Boy is one of Nintendo's most infamous flops. Created by Gunpei Yokoi – father of Game & Watch and the Game Boy – it employs a parallax effect to create the illusion of depth. This is achieved using a pair of linear arrays – one for each of the player's eyes – and oscillating mirrors.

Soon after release, players complained of headaches and the fact that the device had to be placed on a table, causing neck pain. Less than a million units of the Virtual Boy were sold, and Nintendo discontinued it in 1996 after less than a year of sale.

You can download Red Viper here.

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