Ted TV Series Sega
Image: Peacock

Seth MacFarlane's Ted TV series serves as a prequel to the two Ted movies and is set in 1993 – which means there's plenty of scope for '90s references.

The show really runs with this idea, with a truckload of Sega name-dropping and even a scene which showcases a store display festooned with Sega products (and a SNES Super Scope, for good measure).

You can view the scene below, but be warned – it contains some bad language.

We don't know about you, but seeing Sega on our TV screens after all these years really gives us a warm feeling – and it's great to know that the company's glory days are still resonating with fans decades later.

If you fancy checking out Ted, it's on Peacock in the US right now. It's coming to Sky Max next month in the UK.

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