Time Commando

Little Big Adventure put Adeline Software International on the map in 1994, but the French developer's next game wasn't quite as well-regarded.

1996's Time Commando gained lukewarm reviews on PlayStation and PC, but it's the Sega Saturn version that gained the most infamous critical reaction.

Exclusive to Japan – where it was published by Acclaim – Time Commando's Saturn port is rather poor when compared to the PS1 version, but it takes this one step further by being impossible to complete due to a fatal crash.

We can't imagine that there are many people clamouring for a fixed version of this terrible game in 2024, but @memory_fallen has come to our aid regardless. They've created a patch that can be applied to the game file and makes it possible to get past the game-breaking crash point. Hurrah!

Now, we can finally finish this awful game and all move on with our lives.