Märchen Veil I
Image: D4 Enterprise

System Sacom's adventure RPG Märchen Veil will be the next PC-88 title to come to the Nintendo Switch as part of D4 Enterprise's Egg Console label. It will be released tomorrow (on January 11th).

Originally published in Japan in 1985 for the PC-8801mkIISR, Märchen Veil focuses on the story of a young prince who overcomes several trials to win a tournament and the heart of a neighbouring princess, before being transformed by an evil wizard into a hideous beast and sent to the ends of the Earth.

The goal of the game is essentially for you to discover a cure for your condition and find your way home, with players having to guide the transformed prince through a bunch of maze-like environments, collecting weapons and items, and battling slimes, mushrooms, and other odd-looking enemies.

It is notably played from an overhead top-down perspective and interestingly predates the Famicom Disk System release of The Legend of Zelda published one year later.

A second part was released for the PC-8801mkIISR in 1986, continuing the prince's journey to defeat the wizard, with both halves eventually being ported to the Famicom Disk System in 1987 (which is the version we suspect most people are familiar with).

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